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speedometer sensor

Speedometer on my 06 F350 doesn't always settle to zero mph when the truck is turned off or at idle and can go more than 25 mph high when driving. I suspect I will want to clean the speedometer sensor. Would that be the right thing to check first and if so, where is it. Truck details in signature. TIA


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The rear axle sensor doubles as ABS and speed sensor. It should be on the top of the driver side of the pumpkin.
I crawled under there yesterday but didn't spot it. On top of the diff would probably be why. I will have to look again more closely. Thanks wg
these trucks are FBW when it comes to the gauge cluster (ntm the throttle pedal)... being a 6.0 youll have the 5R110W transmission... which actually has 2 speed sensors in it... both are mounted on top of the transmission IIRC... one is about mid body of the transmission... the other is further back near the tail shaft... the one mid body is the Input shaft speed sensor.. the rear one is the output shaft speed sensor... you can get both as a kit for about $50 on ebay...

they may or may not fix your problem... the gauge clusters have been known to occasionally go... its not common its also not unheard of.. and has happened to a few people i know from other boards... but hopefully for you its just a sensor issue... if you can get something to read the computer there should be a sensor code somewhere in the computer if its the sensor output.. the downside to the diesels is they dont show the SES light like a gassers do with every little problem... (they reserve that light for when you finally get stuck on the side of the road with major problems)... the other downside to the diesels is most the off the shelf code readers cant scan them.. you have to get something specifically designed to read them... whether its the Ford IDS software, Auto Engenuity (i can never get that spelling right)... Torque Pro (phone ap that can link to a OBDII blue tooth thing can be got on Ebay or amazon... if you google search diesel scanners youll be able to get a list of them... you really want something that can read live data for diagnosing the truck.. as i said before theyre computer controlled heavily and diagnosing them without some kind of computer thing
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