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Soaking wet interior

I really could use help on this one. My wife's 2008 Escape driver side floor was wet,so I blew some compressed air thru the front 2 sunroof drains, poured water thru and watched it drain behind the front tires like it should. Next day both drivers and passenger side were soaking wet. After a week took it to the Ford Dealer and they said it was the sunroof track adhesive failing, said they cleaned the best they could but probably needed to replace sunroof,$1800 bucks. Next day both sides of floor soaking wet and passenger seat is now soaking wet. Car is kept outside and it's been raining. Now we heard gurgling of water in dash today. Any ideas I would sure appreciate. Headliner is not wet and can feel no water around sunroof.


Hitech hillbilly
Staff member
Check the sun glass holder if you have that option.That is where the water was pouring from out of mine. I resealed the sunroof and it stopped the leaking for a few months but noticed it appears to be leaking again.
Sunroof are a pain if there's a leak. It is costly and honestly it is not needed. I'm just thinking of sealing it permanent.

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