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should i?


We will Rise Again
For $550, that doesn't look like to bad of deal. If it runs and the drivetrain is all good, I think it will do.


Staff member
Says it needs a 4 speed trans... not a bad price though. Beats the sheet metal around here...
looks like deal to me. trans isnt that hard to get


Gotta Be Somebody
"runs" and "body a little rough" is code in advertising land for "needs everything."

Ernie does have a good point, it's one of those things you go and check it out and make sure it has what it says it does. There was one i looked at last year that a guy was trying to pass a FE off as a 460. Sorry but there is a big difference in the engines and i walked away. Just make sure to look it over and inspect everything that you care most about. Don't want you wasting money on junk bro!