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Running propane?


New York Chapter member
I would like to learn about propane, I am thinking about setting something up for my 78 Bronco on either my 351w or my 460 with dual 4's
I want it to be fast and have good torque but still be economical to drive, I am trying to build a multi purpose vehical?
fast and carbed propane don't go together or you need to buy an oversized carb, injected propane no experience but since your bronco's an 78 it won't be injected.
my prop install is a bit rich and above 85 it seems to stall, has an impco 300A, mixer and impco mod E dampfer,
you'd need better types for performance.

woops too late to see it was an old thread


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I've seen a dent with this type of hook up in the past and thought it might come in handy some day! My wife and I thought of taking another older rig and hooking it up to propane.