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Runnin on Pane??


New York Chapter member
I noticed that Mil1ion mentioned running on propane,
and I am giving this some thought and would like some more info on this.
what kind of mileage can we get, should I do it to my 351W or my 460 with dual 4's?
this will be going in my 78 Bronco that I am going to trick out, I would like it to be fast yet economical to drive?
is this even possible to achieve?
I just thought I would throw this out there and see what I get back? Thanks guys...Rick


Defector Fidèle
Dennis will have better details but I recall him talking about his.

He related that propane in general is less efficient than gas is. I recall the figure was around 10% less but I may be wrong. It seems that since this is true, you would require 10% more fuel for the same distance or speed or torque.

The price is only marginally cheaper than gas and the conversion requires several thousand dollars to the truck. Depending upon how long you keep it and what you do with it will determine (financially) if the conversion is worth it or not.

I too have given it some thought but cant commit.


New York Chapter member
yea if it turns out not to be worth the trouble I wont mess with it either, it is just a thought right now and something to look into
I wont waste good money that can go into bigger tires or what not


We will Rise Again
I don't think it's a bad idea if you can find the conversion parts for a fairly cheap price. You may ose a little on torque and power, but I don't think it's much. Some other factors to consider is the availability of propane and losing some bed space for the tank.


PA Chapter leader
central PA
I had a 81 F150 that was propane/gas and it humped . Propane is = to almost 98 % obtain . According to info I got


We will Rise Again
And it runs really clean. The 460 that I'm using for my build had previously ran on propane most of its life and when I tore it down, the block and internals almost looked like new and the engine had over 200K on it.
Propane motates my 460 quite well.

Starts without being plugged in at -30*C.

Burns Clean, 10% less fuel mileage, Tank needs to be re-certified every so many years.

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