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Roll Call


Just dont try it,do it !
Hey what's up? I'm from new york but I was born and raised in mich,muskegon,GR. just thought i would give you michaganders a shout out.

Red Wings Rule! Scott Wackernagel, michigan transplant
Some guy in Wisconsin here. And no I recruit for nothing. I just dont get out and about anymore. Just looking in and around the site. Thought this was the one started by some homo in Tennessee named Jeff but not sure. If so, Jeff, you changed your number and I cant send you racy pix messages anymore, LOL. What happened to PAco and Lounge? I got way out of the mix of things lately. For ya local guys, I keep my rides mostly stock, mods were done when I was young and non-poor. I farm and work in a paper converting mill and generally hate all of the non-farming crap. Dinner's boiling and needs attention. Later.


Missouri Chapter member
Hey I'm mike but every 1 calls me tedrow I live in southern ill. I bought my first ford after I roled my jeep 86 f150 i300 4 speed and binn hooked ever since, even if I did blow it up in a week lol


'94 F150 5.0
Hey there, all. I'm Dave, from Westland...very near Detroit (ain't been shot or abused yet!). I'm working on a '94 F150 5.0 that hasn't been driven in 6 years. So the brakes done...a bit to go yet, eh?
Hi, I'm Rob, and I'm from Southern Illinois. Just got a older ford truck. Before that I owned all Mopars.
So....I am back. Live in Portland, Michigan now. Got a 2005 ranger, but I am looking for a real truck. Been on Craigslist and Facebook looking for a 78-79 SC 4x4 auto....and it's looking like I gotta go out of state to get one under $10k...yikes. Anywho.....this page aint exactly lively from what see....whats up everyone?

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