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Rear suspension

I have a 2000 Excursion 2wd with V10. We recently bought a 21foot toy hauler, the truck pulled it with no problems the first trip out. The issue I have is even with a weight distribution hitch it really sagged the rear end. The trailer loaded down is about 8k pounds. Would you guys recommend heavier rear springs or to add air bags? This is the wife's daily driver so don't want to get to crazy with whatever direction I go.


Tonto Papadapolous
Did you have the bars on the weight distribution hitch adjusted so they carry the weight rather than the springs? Just asking.


Staff member
Also, not familiar with your particular setup, but loading is key. If it squats excessively with a proper adjusted load distribution hitch, then you are loaded too heavy on the tongue and if possible need to redistribute the weight a bit.
I feel like it was loaded pretty even and not too much up front.

I did have the bars adjusted but might need to play with them some more.

At stock height it sits pretty low which is normal for this model truck and never dragged going over any bumps once we got in the dirt.

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