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rear differential help

I was driving on a strret and and hit a pothole that is both sunk a few inches and raised a few that wasnt visable and then my 1986 xlt full size Bronco with a 8.8 and further drivng it started to make a noise which sounded like the rear brakes were worn like steel on steel on the drum. but today this morning when inspecting it in the daylight I noticed that the left rear Differential arm axle shaft cover was Actually split cracked from bottom to top almost not all the way thru after seeing the rear wheel was tilted inward which is when I saw the damages, how can this have happened when there is no apparent impact area? The only lateral work done on the differential was replacing the right side axle about a month ago with a new axle shaft. ANY IDEAS ? thanks in advance i dont know how to include pictures


Staff member
Fatigue and stress can happen despite lack of impace. Not entirely sure where the damage is based on your description but I am guessing close to the differential housing where the axle tube mates to it?

Adding pictures is now easier than it used to be. Above where you type in thereis what kind of looks like a landscape picture, if you click that it lest you insert an image, otherwise bleow and to the left is where you can attach files like pictures.