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Post a pic of your Bumpside!!

I did a brief search and didn't find a thread for this and my truck was getting jealous of all the dent pics so.

Here it is! Post up a pic of your Bumpside and a brief description of it
Here's my work in progress.


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Mine is also a work in progress... need to finish the bed swap and the brakes keep leaking down after sitting...
Thats a great truck! My dad has one that look's just like that one. I need to make sure I get it from him before he decides to sell it.


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outside your house
I have a tailgate...but that's it...

I was able to get her running over the weekend and now I cant stop cranking it up. That has also made me stop waffling around and finally locate a new tank and purchase it. The new fuel tank will be here tomorrow!!
Thought I would see how the 44 year old paint would clean up so I did this small spot as a test run.

Now I got to do it all....


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I managed to put in the gas tank and put the seat cover on the bottom half of my seat for this old truck.


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Great looking truck Jager! I had flash backs when i saw the interior. It is a mirror image of mine when i picked it up although yours is in much better shape than mine was.