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oil pressure..problem.


I have a F-250 SD..truck has alway's been very reliable. Uses no oil. compression is good for a motor with 260,000 miles. Don't use it much. Oil hasn't been changed like it should have been last year or two.

Anyway used the truck like a month ago hauled a couple loads of wood..No problems..everything was ok. Parked it got a cold snap temps below zero.

Went out to start oil pressure. Left it warm up. pressure went up. drove the truck. Pressure dropped back down at idle.

Put in a new oil sensor and changed oil. Pressure goes up at start up..drops back down at idle.

Engine seems noisier once it warms up. So i'm thinking it's not getting enough oil in the top of motor.

What baffles me is why all of a sudden? It almost seems like the cold had something to do with it?

I'd hate to pull the motor just to drop the oil pan..look at the pick up screen ect..

It just baffles me why this would all of us sudden happen when it got cold
It's easy enough to check oil pressure with a mechanical gauge just so you know what the pressure is at on a warm idle.

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OP must of died? 6 months and no more posts.
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