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Obd2 iphone apps

My boss just received a wifi obd2 transmitter today and he let use for the weekend I bought the dashcommand app from iTunes and so far I like!! It's shows data and can read and clear codes. Used it all the way home on my truck with data logging recording I'm looking into how you retrieve that data for viewing. So far I'm impressed for around $70 I can read and clear codes with my iPhone and have gauges to view data!!


Hitech hillbilly
Staff member
I was looking at one of the bluetooth readers that can pair to your laptop or phone. Looks interesting I have one that connects to the laptop via a serial cable that works well.
You can pair this transmitter with a pc also or any wireless device it gives you the IP address and subnet with the device. It has a mini disc that has step by step instructions.
I found out yesrturday while playing with apps that the free apps don't work with this unit only a few work but $40 app had a lot more features and a lot more capabilities. Dashcommand automatically read my vin on my truck as so did noviscan. I found sct has a wireless custom tuning set up for iPhones too it's $500 but the app is free!! It looks like its only for gm for the time being dang:( I think I am going to order my own transmitter of eBay it was only $30 to me it's worth it i do done odd jobs for close friends and family and it would help to be able to read codes and clear them. Noviscan claims it can read abs, body, and transmission codes. I has a cousin with an olds alero that has abs lights on I might try it out this weekend!