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New Member and Have a Starter Question

This is my first 6V and Flathead (and post to this forum). Pulled truck out of garage and it died on me- push button was clicking, so I jumpered the solenoid. The starter bumped but did not continue to run. I went ahead and ordered a new solenoid, but now wondering if I don't have starter issues or even seized motor. I tried to push it off by myself once (didn't work), but assumed I just wasn't getting it to speed. Thoughts?


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It could be a lot of things. The other guys will add to the list, but first is to check all your electrical connections. For 6V all connections and grounds have to be clean and tight. Don't just re-tighten, but take them off, clean the areas and reassemble.

Your issue sounds more like battery charge or CCA getting to the starter. The cables need to be twice as heavy as 12V requires.

Starters do wear out and the armature can drag on the field coils if the bearings are bad enough.
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CCA stands for Cold Cranking Amps and is a measure of how much your battery puts out when starting. Your battery should say how many CCA it is rated for. As a battery ages, it can put out less.


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And more specifically, Cranking Amps are a measure of the batteries starting capacity at 32 deg F. Cold Cranking amps are measured at 0 deg F.
Thanks- I know cranking amps just wasn't familiar with the term "CCA"- trucks on the charger now, I'll check the battery before replacing the solenoid.


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6 volt is real picky about clean connections. Make sure the battery posts are clean, as well as the grounds.


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how long since the truck was last started? If it's been awhile, you could have a stuck valve that is not letting the engine turn over. try turning it a full 360 degrees with a socket on the bolt in the center of the crank pulley


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You can also remove the spark plugs to allow the engine to turn over with less "resistance".

If you are in humid country like me, the starter will rust from the inside out if it has sat a long time. This will cause the starter to spin slower.... in case the battery isn't the problem.

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