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New gear set up...pattern?

Can some tell me how this pattern looks? Looks good to me compared to the pattern examples from manufacturer but what you guys think? I lost track of the shim sizes after swapping them out so I dont have that information. But these are brand new USA Standard gears. New setup bearings too. Pattern is with some resistance applied to the diff. Backlash is set at .008" and pinion pre load is around 20 in/lbs. Thanks


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Hitech hillbilly
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Haven't set up gears for years. The wear marks look ok from what I can see. It looks centered. A few on the upper looks like the back lash may be off a just a wee bit


The Token Canadian
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your to high on the tooth and to far back on the heel (out edge) of the tooth
i should say this it runable and shouln't cause issue. but i fussy and i like to play with it everything is dead center.

i would like to see the drive side deeper in the root of the teeth and the coast side a little more center and deeper but

this pattern kinda sucks as i had a hard time loading gear with the diff in my bed. load kinda flattens out the teeth as them mesh. so a pattern that looks to on the toe of hte drive side will grow toward the heel. and vs versa a patter that starts on the heel of the coast side will grow toward the toe of the tooth. all pattern will grow under load toward the top of the tooth.

not to sound like a hack. i build a 1 or 2 diffs a year for low speed equipment that most of the time have outboard planetarys. if your not going to be driving down the highway in 4x4 nad just plan on using it around town under say 40/ low speed off road 4x4 almost any pattern will live a very long time. in the front diff just because it doesn't spin very fast.


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Thanks phone didn't update me on your guys replies so I just now saw this. Its a bit too late for me to change it. Its all together now. And yea it's gonna be for off road low speed really.

But there seems to be some issues they im now noticing. When I put it in 4hi with hubs un locked I get like a grinding sound that's seems to come from transfer case when I reach about 25mph.

When I lock the front hubs and stay in 2hi I get a vibration around 20-25mph and seems to go away as I pick up more speed and dont get as bad of a grind sound.

With out the driveshaft connected and in 2hi or 4hi with hubs locked sounds normal. I hear no grind sounds or any strange gear noises.

Any ideas?

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