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Need Advice on Value of 1986 F350

I have a 1986 F350 dually Crew Cab I need to sell. I've been searching the 'net, but I can't find anything comparable to help me know what to ask for it. Complicating the issue- it's been sitting outside and hasn't been started in about 3 years. It was running when it was parked. Some rust, and some damage to one dually fender.

I would like to move it on to someone who can use it, or at least use the parts, but I'm at a loss to know how to advertise it. If it matters, it's located in north central Texas. Clear title.

I'd appreciate any suggestions about where to find value information on these older trucks!


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Location and condition dictate a majority. There isn't a lot of demand for them, and less for one that is in unknown condition as to how much work it will take to get it back on the road. Kelly Blue Book is not going to give you a good value, and realistically, if I were buying, I wouldn't pay much either but that isn't saying much because I'm a cheap ass... ;)
Totally understand, and it's what I expected. However, I don't know if it's worth a couple hundred, a thousand, or "whatcha gonna charge me to haul this off?" :confused:


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Here in the rust belt, running driving brings a few thousand. Rusted hulks are still getting $1500. Non-running, a few hundred typically. Of course, lately even if you have good parts it seems plenty of people still try to offer $100. Trying to sell a rusty car with good running motor and trans and that is the offer despite yards asking $500 for just the motor.