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KOEO CM Code 211 and 212

1995 f150 5.8L 265k

Truck is driving a little rough, but otherwise ok. I ran up the codes and now have CM 212. I have always had code 211 no matter what I replaced and I don’t have a knock sensor.

SPOUT measures 0.2 ohms but my multimeter is +/- ~0.2 accuracy.

Timing checks good: baseline at 10 BTDC and increases 4-6 when SPOUT is in

I tried the wiggle test, but I’m unsure if that circuit is tested for that test.

Cylinder balance test is randomly failing cylinders. The last test failed 1-7. Second more intense test passes all cylinder. Truck seems like it is struggling to idle consistently.

Anyone have any troubleshooting steps besides digging into all that wiring to the PCM?


Staff member
Found this looking aAaround for info : The 212 would indicate a bad ignition module and or a bad dist stator.

With that, may need a good TFI module or perhaps the distributor pickup coil is failing. The ignition modules aren't the most robust so it may be possible.
Thanks Fellro. I recently (6/2021) replaced both the ICM and the distributor when I was chasing a random stall. At that time I did have a failed PIP and bought an MSD dizzy. I kept the old ICM as that was not the issue so I can slave it in and see if the truck runs noticeably smoother.

If it’s the dizzy again I’m going to be pissed, that cost a pretty penny.