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Just bought 2011 F-150 STX 4X4

Just bought this truck and found out that when shifting to 4 wheel I get a wrench showing on the indicator panel that there is a problem. It won't shift to four wheel drive. Is there something I should check prior to going to the dealer?
I've been on the Gen 6 site for several years. I have a '79 F-150 Custom 4x4, Stepside, 400M that I've gone thru bumper to bumper. Don't really want to sell it but needs to be done.
Any info on the '11 shifting problem will be great!


Staff member
It'll be an electronic problem that will set a DTC. Might check that all plug ins are securely plugged in on the trans and transfer case.
Thanks for the responce. I checked all the connections and are all tight. First time owning a truck with electonic shift transfercase. I also realized that I was attempting to engage four wheel while stationary, so I tried while moving slowly and it works, but the wrench is still showing after engaging 4X4 hi or 4X4 low. Is this something that is a big issue?