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I need a shower and a nap

What a day....

I changed the transmission gear lube on the 56 this morning.

The rest of the day has been spent working on it. I washed it first. I then started the clay bar treatment. That is finished from the drivers cab corner around to the edge of the passenger door.

I also polished that area the best that I could with the white polish.

The heat is getting to me though. I have to keep coming in to cool off. Sitting under a ceiling fan helps.

My paint is horrible. It is starting to look a little cleaner though.

I would not be doing this if I could afford the supplies I need. The plan was to start stripping the body after school started (last week).

This will take me a couple more days to finish, then it needs wax. Now...If I could just get rid of all the primer (black, gray, red) overspray that the PO put all over it.:headbang:
Another day getting dirty. The cab is waxed (except for the roof). The bed is polished. I will wax it tomorrow (I think).

I need to do all that to the running boards too. They are rough.

I still need to clean the inside, wash the glass, clean the tires and wheels, and under the hood. We will see how much I get done.

The paint does not look good, but much better than before.

I am supposed to go on another cruise Tuesday evening. [confused]


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So....break out the camera-
:post pics:
I will take pics when I get it all cleaned up. Not sure if you can tell the difference in pics though. The paint is really bad. It just has shiny spots and less dull spots now.

As far as the beer...that would be in the store still. I do not drink alcohol.

I just washed the polish residue off the bed. When it dries (won't take long in this heat), I will wax the bed.

What a fun day this will be. :headbang:
The entire truck is waxed. Even the running boards. LOL

The tires and wheels are cleaned up and shined. The hub caps and trim rings are polished. The glass is cleaned inside and out. The chrome bumpers and grill are polished (even though they are old).

I have not cleaned the inside or under the hood. I am exhausted and stopping for the day.

I will try to remember to take my camera on the cruise tomorrow night. The sun has went behind the clouds and you could not see much right now.


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That's awesome Brian. So when should I drop mine off for it's detailing?
That's awesome Brian. So when should I drop mine off for it's detailing?

Your would be easier (as long as I had a ladder:rofl: ).

Mine has not seen wax for at least the last 11 years. The clay bar and polish were way more work than I anticipated. The waxing was easy.

The paint is really bad, but I do not have the cash to do anything about it right now.

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