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I can't get my steering column to bo back together.

I have a 1973 f100 automatic transmission, 360 engine. I was wondering if anyone has a schematic for the steering column. I have been trying to get my steering column back together and it just won't budge. I push the spring portion in and they to get the ring that holds the turn signal switch and it just won't go down far enough. It will go in all the way except for maybe 1/16 - 1/8" before I can put the retaining clip on to secure it. I can't see what it is hitting and really it doesn't look like anything should be in the way. It has a strange set up with two small square bolts that are suppose to clip into a metal ring that holds the switch in place and I don't know if that is the problem because if I put them in place and try to slide the switch on, they just fall out. So, what I do is hold them in place with the bolts then try to push it in hopping they will slide Into the slots. When I push it all in, everything seems to work fine, I just can't get it down far enough for the clip. I would post pictures, but it keeps telling me they are too big. I've never had that problem before. Thanks!


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