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How to: Ultimate trim restoration


FTF's #1 Knob Polisher
Cumming, GA
If you own a late model truck, you are pained by the acres of always fading black plastic trim. There are plenty of OTC remedies to pretty it up for a week or two, there are dyes that last well over a year, and then there's the best option for that new, deep color - spray paint. I'm not talking Krylon or Rustoleum, think better. SEM is a leader in color match vinyl and plastic dyes/paints, and is my go to for the ultimate trim restoration.

What you'll need to get the job done right:

- Assorted painters tape, 3M blue does the job (Spring for the fine line if you can). I generally carry a few different widths.

- Alcohol, Mineral Spirits, or Acetone.

- SEM Trim Spray (39143 -or- Bumper Coater)

- A well-ventilated work area and a face mask. Gloves are also helpful.

Step one: Thoroughly wipe down the plastic to be sprayed with your prep chemical. My go to is alcohol. Use a lint free cloth or towel. Be sure to wipe the edges and all of the corners. This prep will help for a great finish.

Step two: Tape off any paint around the plastic to be sprayed. Most trim pieces sit with a slight gap off of the paint. Try to position the tape behind the trim to avoid any overspray.

Step three: Following the directions on the can, spray the plastic piece. Light, even coats. Don't rush this step!

Step four: After spraying, using a clean microfiber towel and some alcohol, wipe any overspray off of your painted surfaces. Be sure not to get the alcohol on rubber, vinyl, or plastic!

Step five: Remove tape after paint has dried and enjoy your results! Make an attempt to allow it to cure in a warm area away from moisture.








FTF's #1 Knob Polisher
Cumming, GA
Nice work! But have you tried testing how long will it retain that way with our hash environment?

It'll hold up (and has for many applications I've done) for quite longer than a factory plastic.

Is this stuff a paint, or is it a plasticized rubber?


According to the manufacturer it's a flexible coating.

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