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How to...Bluetooth?


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'08 250 SD
company requires we use hands free.
they sent me a Parrot universal hf bluetooth. the problem is the harness that comes with the bluetooth doesn't match up to my radios connections. i have the am/fm/cd w/mp3 plug in on the dash. anyone using a hands free bluetooth thats connected to the stereo?


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Boring, Oregon
Should be in the owners manual or a supplement. GM just sent us a bunch of supplements, but I haven't taken the time to read one yet.


Texas Chapter member
didn't see anything in the owners manual about bluetooth. the only reference to 'phone' is about the button on the radio. all it said was you push the phone button and it displays 'no phone', nothing about incorporating a phone to the stereo.
i googled ford parts and found a wire harness that connects the stereo to a bluetooth unit, supplied by ford. it may possibly work on other bluetooth units, i'm gonna contact a couple of dealers. see if any have it in stock so i can look at one.

i need to confirm these are correct #'s for '08 250

Connector Harness 7R3Z-14A411-AD
"Mobile-ease" Hands Free System 7L2Z-19G399-A
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Texas Chapter member

ended up using the parrot brand bluetooth the company sent me instead of getting a ford unit. jury is still out on this thing, may end up going to ford for the whole thing anyway. from all i've found it's a simple plug and play unit.


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yes i believe it is just a plug and play situation sometimes relying on a certain plug depending on vehicle and accessory

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