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Help me to choose between two Ford trucks

Hello Ford fanatics! I'm new here and I desperately need your advice. I can't choose between these two: Ford F750 SD Gas Straight Frame and Ford F650 SD Gas Straight Frame.

I have gone through dozens of reviews, but still can't decide, cuz those reviews are usually written with marketing purposes in mind. Maybe some of you own one (or maybe both, lucky you) of those babies, and can share personal experience.

The truck will be used for towing.

Million thanks in advance!

P.S. BTW I'm planning on buying them at Wallwork truck center, do you know something about them? Are they reputed?
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The Token Canadian
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I ran an F750 for nearly 10 years, I would choose the 750 over the 650 as there is not a lot of price difference fornthe increased capacity.

A gasser for towing??..I would not. Mine had a c7 cat 330/860 and I ran around 28k gross and considered it underpowered.