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Help me so i dont look like a idiot...

Workin' Rig

Stone Cold Bo Norris
Our town is having a thanksgiving day parade. My dads buddy was going to run his 49 F2 (or maybe F3) in it and pull a float but broke his leg in 3 places and needs surgery, etc and probely will be outta commission till christmas or so...

I have never, ever drivin a vehicle this old. I will go get familar with it before i run it, but is there anything special i should know? I believe its just a 4 sp transmission, is it syncro? Or do i have to shift it like a semi?

Im not sure if 49 is "modern" enough to be able to just hop in and go?

Any input is apperciated :)


Licensed to Represent!
Drive it like you stole it? :wavey:

Workin' Rig

Stone Cold Bo Norris


Tonto Papadapolous
I think I mislead you. It actually has a pushbutton starter on the dash. Turn the key, then push the button to start. I was thinking earlier models.....

Workin' Rig

Stone Cold Bo Norris
Ok...i was just looking through the 48 operators manual....assuming 49 is the same...i got this :)


Flatheads Forever
Spur (straight cut) gears, non-synchro. As above, drive it like a semi, but shift SLOWLY compared to modern rigs.

Doug was thinking about the 30's, but he got it sorted out finally. 48-50 are all the same.

Have fun with it and grin from ear to ear during the parade - you'll be buying one soon!

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