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Has fuel, spark, compression, and seemingly air. But won't start.

2005 fx4 5.4L v8 4wd crew cab

Started out getting a buck every now and while giving it very low throttle (ex. While maintaining speed up a slight incline) Also having hard starts (would sound loud and shook a little for the first 3 seconds or so after starting. Eventually the bucking got bad enough it threw a code. Cam shaft position sensor. So I changed both of them and cleared the code.
This worked great for about 2-3 weeks, then the bucking came back and gradually got worse again.

Fast forward a few weeks

Trying to pass on the highway bucks got very bad and check engine light started flashing then stayed on. Read the code. Cylinder #2 misfire. Changed the spark plug in cylinder number 2. Again seemed to work for a couple weeks and bucking came back. Noticed I was low on oil despite no leak. Got an oil change.

Fast forward a month

Bucking started getting very worse so I changed the coil pack in cylinder #2

Didn't make a difference

Couple days later started shaking while idling and knocking loudly.

Somebody told me to put thicker oil in it to help the oil pump keep pressure and therefore keep the crank in time. I thought whatever. So I bought the oil. 10w-40

On the way home from getting oil. Pulling away from a red light had very little power. Like only 10mph for about 1/4 mile. Then stalled and won't start.

Checked the oil. Gone. All of it. Put the new oil in. Still won't start but doesn't knock while cranking now. Checked the spark in the coil, good. Lifted the fuel rail and cranked it, fuel good. Exhaust pressure means compression is good. No plugs in intake as far as I can see and MAF seems in good shape. Don't know why it won't start.

I disconnected the battery for a half hour to let the codes clear thinking maybe the computer wouldn't let it start for some reason. Which was stupid because I didn't get a chance to read the last codes first and it won't throw them again because it won't start.

Any thoughts?

Right now my thoughts are it's out of time.
Or because it burned through 6.9 quarts of oil in about 1000 miles I may have plugged the O2 sensors or catalytic converters
Or I've read something about a pin on my cam phasers.

Please hit me with suggestions so I don't have to take it to the shop and pay an arm and a leg.

Thank you.

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Staff member
Update. Took it somewhere to have it diagnosed before tearing it all apart. They had it for like 6 hours and said it sounds like a piston hitting and I need a new motor. Should I take that to the bank? Or should I get a second opinion?

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The Token Canadian
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7 quarts in 1000 miles?...and if it had dumped all the oil and was running with no oil before it stopped, I'd guess that there is a good possibilty of engine damage. Did they run a borescope down the plug holes?

I would be inclined to get a more accurate diagnosis other than "it sounds" before I dropped coin on a new engine.

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