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Greetings From The Bay Area

Howdy. Welcome to the site
Thanks for the welcome
Got to do something about my MAF sensor. Its causing a check engine. Trying to decide if I should clean it or replace it. Also not sure where it is either so i got to look that up. Other than that i would like to find a nice and clean looking bed cover. black tarp or something else that can be useful. The truck has had two flats on the highway and the metal (mud plate)thing in the wheel well, they both got totally mangled. Will be looking to replace those. Mainly i will be asking questions and advice about where i can find the parts or just send it in to the shop. After all that I don't know.


Staff member
For the MAF, check Rock Auto. They have everything from cheap to OEM typically. You can try cleaning it, be certain you use proper MAF cleaner, available at most parts stores. Be very careful how you spray it, the tiny wires are very easy to stretch which changes the resistance, which is what the computer monitors.

Regarding the tonneau cover (bed cover) it depends on your usage as to what is better. You can get hard caps that lift off or tarp like that snap and other wise for roll up. I don't have a good opinion on them as I have never had one myself. Mudflap plates are available from a variety of manufacturers, just a matter of the style you like.