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Grandpa's Truck

This is what holds the top of the spring or at least helps hold it. The other side was broke in half so I welded it together the passenger side (shown) is missing a piece so I can't do the same and I had already put back the drivers side so I couldn't use it as a duplicate to make a new one. I don't see anybody that carries this part so I fabricated one. It ain't pretty and it's not a good duplicate but it works so whatever.



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Norlina NC
Looking good. Keep up the good work there
Got the new brake lines ran and installed an adjustable proportioning valve, twice. I bought one on ebay after a couple tries to get the right fittings I found the holes are drilled to deep. Threw it away and bought one from Jegs which came with fittings, got it all plumbed up and bleed the rear brakes, went to the front and no fluid coming out. Determined the master cyl is bad so a 1970 one costs twice as much as a 75 and since everything disc brake related is from a 75 I ordered it. Got it bled and went to install it and the ports are on the opposite side (towards the engine) for some dumb reason so back to making new brake lines. I connected everything and after numerous leaking connections I have it right now.



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Some are loving the patina and old look. I like both nice and shiny and used and aged looks. Looks like you are making great progress.

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