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Got a new 2002 Gen.10


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One owner, no accidents! Exactly the same as my metallic green Gen.10, except this is a 2-wheel drive. Just doing all my detailing magic :)
Has the XTR appearance package, a Canadian thing ;)
So have the wood accent pieces I like so much!
Also has the H9 rear axle, 3.55’s with limited slip, ya!
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That looks pretty sharp Roy..... i still miss your old girl though.


The Token Canadian
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Very nice Roy, congrats.


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Never mind the question about getting the green one repainted. I just figured it out. DOH! Looks nice.

:wavey:Haha! Thanks Doug! I really liked that dark Highland green metallic. The motor went on it, and it would have cost 9K for a new engine installed. Had to make a decision. Since the rest of the truck was needing maintenance (rear end, front end, transmission) it was not worth the cost of getting a new motor.

Found this one. One owner with no accidents. It’s 2-wheel drive, but that’s ok. I have my Jeep for 4-wheel.


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More NOS parts came today :giggle: The antenna mast and rear center bumper step. The tail lights and turn signals have also been replaced with NOS. All the bulbs are now Zevo LED, except the headlights. We all know the factory housings do not support LED’s!
Waiting on a replacement A/C heat vent cover for the drivers side now. Then it should be really close to having it done.

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