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FOR SALE '74 F100 parts or truck.

Both complete doors, hood, disc brakes, p/s, rear glass, 390 engine, C6 trans, 9" rr, pretty much everything but the bumpers, fuel tank and bed. I am asking
$800.00 for the complete truck, is that too much?

I think I have the grill sold, waiting for funds. Here's some pics.


  • 100_3051.JPG
  • 100_3052.JPG
  • 100_3053.JPG
  • 100_3055.JPG
I have a way better truck for sale to fix up and drive. '73 F250, I drive it every day. I bought the '74 as a parts truck for it. $1500.00 for the '73. Want some pics?
The 74 will take a lot more than 1K to make it 1/2 the truck the 73 is. But I'll be happy to sell you either one. It does have a title, but it shows to have a lien. I bought it from my uncle, and it has been sitting here or at his place for years. The tags are way expired.