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Flathead coolant leak

Ok was working on my 1948 F1, trying to get it together enough to attempt to start it. Installed the radiator and hoses. Well most of them, left the heater hose off by mistake so when I filled the radiator found that leak easy enough. The engine in a 1946 V8 59A. When I removed the exhaust manifold bolt on the drivers side front lower, water pours out. Being new to flathead I assume this is not normal. Also the two bolts going into the block are bigger in diameter than the remaining 4 bolts for the exhaust manifold. So My thought is that someone drilled and tapped those holes and drilled/tapped the lower one into the water passage. I would appreciate thoughts on my next steps. Thank you


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The Token Canadian
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I am clueless on the flatheads...hopefully someone chimes in.


Flatheads Forever
From the picture it almost looks like the water is coming out of the exhaust post. If so, you have a crack somewhere and should probably look for another engine. I don't recall that water will pour out of an exhaust bolt hole. It is possible someone put a longer bolt in there and broke thru into the water jacket - or, it could be a sand pocket that just rusted thru.
Strangely enough, the two front bolts are 7/16" and the remaining 4 are 3/8 from the factory. Why? Welcome to the intriguing world of flatheads.


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Probably the block was left with water in it and froze. The water jacket there is thin

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