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First post question about my 68 Ford

Ok so I am in California and I have a 1968 Ford F100 but its registered as a F250 which means higher registration because of weight. Now the vin is F11 which says its an F100 and its getting built so stock suspension is gone but any experience here with getting the CA DMV to change the truck from registered as F250 to F100 which it is 5 lug and vin shows it as well?

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Welcome to FTF. You will have to have the truck inspected and show receipts with the parts used. Prolly still won't change anything but worth a shot. The DMV should have the answers you need, if they will change it!
Ok thanks. The truck is becoming and offroad prerunner with a 6.0l chevy v8 and nothing stock left but cab grill and half the frame.

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Well I went to the dmv this morning and they just need to do a vin verification. Well I brought my driver doors since the vin tag is on there. But they want to see the frame but I have to bring it down there which ain't happening.

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