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F3 motor and trans Info

Hi All, i am new to this forum, I am looking at a 1951 F3 (load capacity of 6800lbs) The truck has no motor at this time, it came new with a flathead V8. My question is the owner has two 6 cylinders engines that comes with the truck, will they mount to the V8 motor mounts or would the mounts have to be modified? If I can find a V8 then this is the way I would go. The other question that I have is I would like to install a 5 speed transmission behind either the 6 or V8 engines. I saw one once that had a 5 speed out of a S10 pickup?
Thanks for any info



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I'm no use on what you're looking to do, but go big or go home. V8 is my choice.

And welcome to FTF from WNC


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Howdy and welcome aboard!

I'm remembering my grandfather telling me they do interchange, I can ask him at a later date. For now, here is a pic of the front motor mount cross member in an F1 that was 6 cylinder. How does it compare to yours?

Personally I like the 6's, they pulled better and get better fuel mileage, but the V8's are sure fun.

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I think what motor kind of depends what you want to be able to do with it.

That being said, like the other guys, I'd go V-8smiliepeelout
Thanks for the info, my motor mount don't look like your. I am trying finda v8 flathead for it now. It came with 239. I have been doing some reading and they said that the 8BA is a better engine?
Yours doesn’t look like his because yours is a 51 while his is a 52. If the 6s you are getting with the truck are the flathead type 226s they will mount to your chassis in the forward set of mount holes. You will have to move the radiator to the forward mounting holes. If the engines are later 215/223 ohv units you’ll have some engineering to do on motor mounts.

You must also do yourself some Google research about the 17” wheels that are on the truck. Look up the words “widow maker” and “Firestone RH-5°” plus my user name. Plenty of info mostly on other truck forums.

I don’t know squat about the mods needed to mount the 5 speed. Stu
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crank polisher
I was under the impression that 51/52 used the same front mounts, thought they changed in 50. My bad, thanks for catching it!
PS: are there any pics of your Marmon-Herrington on here?

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Very nice build!

If you do paint the way you do mechanical and the metal work so far, it'll be beautiful!
I have a 1951 or 52 not sure yet just acquired it. But mine is a F2 BUT IT HAS A FLAT BED .iT'S A v8 & Has the factory trans I'm think mine is a 4 speed.
I'm going to pull the cab & Front fenders off my frame .. & I'm going to keep the Factory FlatBed . Motor trans & rear axle & the frame works will be for sale ..
I'm in Stephenville Texas where are you located..
My tires are up inside my shop. But they are very old.
...It's not out from Under the items I want to keep.
Let me know if your interested .. But I believe this is some good stuff.

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