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F-350 restore for my son and environmet

I'm new to the forum, I don't know if this post can go here. Maybe you can help me with donations or with mechanical parts, everything is welcome.

I am Carlo, from the Republic of El Salvador in Central America. My brother-in-law, David, is the one who does the management by this means.

For two years I have been restoring my favorite vehicle. It's a 1985 Ford F-350, we need $12k to fully repair it.

My father, may he rest in peace, always had Ford vehicles, and he inherited from me a good taste for the brand.

Now I am restoring my Extracab Pick Up, which is very rare in my country, where there are no new spare parts, and I have to look for scrap places to be able to finish assembling it.

I want so much to finish this great project.

So far now I have completely restored the engine, with new pistons and rings, brushed cylinder head, new hoses, new brake system, new central master cylinder, but I need to fix seats, dashboard, exhaust system, lights, electrical system, changes of cables and internal and external lights, I also want to paint it and leave it like new.

Why do I need your help? There are 3 reasons:

1. My father's inheritance for the love of the Ford brand and especially for the vehicles of the 1980s, for their power, reliability and elegance.

2. It is a car that I want to inherit to my son, his name is Augusto, he is barely a year old, but my beloved son will have a great inheritance. We will be 3 generations who love Fords.

3. We will use the vehicle to repair two kilometers of roads in impoverished areas and at the same time it will serve to help us create an agroecological park on our small agricultural property to produce organic fruits and farm animals with the best treatment. A park that in addition to producing, will also be home to many species that are threatened by the depredation that we cause to nature.

Help us! An old classic Ford F-350 at the service of nature and the continuation of another generation that loves the thoroughbred American brand: FORD.
If you wish, we will send you photographs of the progress, the results of its restoration and the use that will be given to it. And if you like, if you come to our country on vacation, you can drive it.

Thank you for your collaboration, our God always compensates those who help.


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