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Engine flush

Has any of you ever tried an engine flush? My truck has a 360 and has started to over heat recently. I have posted on here before and as I said, I have placed the radiator cap, thermostat and water pump, but it is still over heating. If you have what did you use and just how well did it work?
Sorry for late reply been busy lately with life. But as far as flushing. Ive known some people that swear by flushing the coolant passages with things like "Rad flush" you can find in most stores on the shelf or fords thing (forget what its called atm). And others that dont. Personally i just tend "flush" the system out with water before refilling.
I did both a radiator flush and an engine flush. The radiator was too far done so I replaced it and it took care of my over heating problem. I did the engine flush a little differently than what was suggested, I drained the dirty oil, put fresh oil, then flushed it. My truck seems to be running a lot smoother now.