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Doing Some Maint On The 06


Master Junk Tech
So I started the other week, I did the trans(welded a drain plug bolt into the pan), rear diff, front diff, t-case, fuel filter.

Today I did the plugs, air filter, and cleaned the throttle body out.

Hopefully the throttle body will relearn soon, or ill have to reset the computer hahaha

I impacted the plugs with my 3/8 impact and can you believe I did not break one? I did do the plugs in this at like 70ish K when the previous owner had me do them, I did put tons of antiseize tho haha

Last time fuel filter was done by my bosses brothers shop, they got in a huge fight in 2000 and havent spoken since. LMAO

1st 4

All of em

The rear axle seals, and flushing the rear diff again is next.


Redneck Prognosticator
Belton, MO
Feels good to love on a new vehicle. It will serve you well!



Master Junk Tech
Yea I like it lol. If I could only sell the Town Car now, id have the fleet at a manageable size lol 6 plus the sport bike haha 7 plus the bike is overdoing it haha


Master Junk Tech
I finally got around to changing the shifter light. Oh Yeaaaaa

I couldnt find the bulb anywhere, so I had a led that fit that I bought for my Super Duty cluster