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Dealer says nothing is wrong!!

My friend’s truck has been to the Dealership now three times in the last ~year. Each time they tell him nothing is wrong. However, he sees white smoke as thick as paste behind him for a couple seconds once a month driving his truck twice a week. He has been pulled over by the highway patrol for excessive smoke. I have his VIN and the results of his oil test sample from Blackstone Labs. Even after reading the lab results, the dealership told him there is nothing wrong. Would running his VIN number tell us what the dealership did? We think they are not telling the truth about what they did/found when they had the truck. We would sure appreciate some help on this, do not really know where to turn anymore. 2008 F250, 6.4, with 75K miles on the motor. Oil/filter and fuel filter changed religiously
VIN: 1FTSX21R38EA91020



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Thread might be new but the situation isn't........

Post 14, then post 15 which got no acknowledgement, and here we are again. IMO and my 2 1/2 cents, someone ought to get serious and take action re the comments on that UOA report (a red flag), especially since it's been 2 1/2 months since the original posting of this matter. I also would have promptly got in touch with Blackstone back in April when the UOA was done, and clarified a few important things that came up in the report so I'd have good, accurate information to work with.
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if someone came to me wanting repairs based solely on an oil analysis ,i'd send them away

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