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dash lights/parking lights


bleeds oval blue
I keep blowing a fuse that runs both of those together. I'm 2 hours from home on my way to work and need help. Tried putting a bigger fuse in it to get by still blows it with in minutes. I need help still 2 hours from the job. Heres my cell if anyone has a solution. Can text or call. 5734806631


The Token Canadian
Staff member in never, never, never..put a larger fuse in a circuit than what is called for. I don't have an answer for your specific problem.


That's how we roll!
Check for wires shorting out. This might not be too easy on the side of road though. If your flashers work i personally would drive with them on until you get somewhere safe.
Two harness connectors; One directly under the driver's side on the framerail and one to the rear that connects the trailer connections and the rear lights- these get corroded and even water fouled sometimes. Separate them, clean them with a good brush and contact cleaner and tape the joint after reassembly.