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Cali Members-- What'd you do for New Years?


Post Whores Make Me Sick
You did notice your chapter brother didn't even see that you (a CA chapter member) had posted in this thread!!!

We might consider letting you into the TX chapter!!! At least you'ld be noticed!!!
Nahh I saw him. But we all know Steve doesn't count.

YelloThumbUp :rolling laugh: Hey Chris, This Cali did the unthinkable............yep-in bed at 9;30. Looser you say.
Yes I do say-- LOSER! :rofl:


California Chapter member
You know there was a time when I would start the party on Friday at Pete's. Then head to the Milestone Saloon. By 3:00 am, go home and start all over agian at Lance's Place, and work my way to the Georgetown Hotel on Saturday night. Leave Sunday for Blody Mary's at the Milestone agian. Ya i was young once..............LOL

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