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Battery Clamp Bolt

After a battery service on my ’09 F350 I noticed there was not much left of the factory carriage bolts that do the clamping on the post clamp. I see says they don’t sell the bolt separately, you must buy the entire cable. Anybody found a better replacement bolt other than the stock stainless steel bolt? Maybe I’m not getting enough grease around the bolt to prevent the corrosion? Thanks for your help.


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I've replaced them before. You have to do a little cobbling, but it is possible.

Big Jim F150

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You can get aftermarket clamps that you can put on the ends of your cable, you just cut the old end off, strip the cable back about an inch and install the new clamp, or clamps if you're replacing them both but make sure that the two little bolts that clamp the clamp to the cable are GOOD and TIGHT!! A little touch of grease at that joint to keep corrosion out. I've done that on a Gen 6 truck that I had years ago, and on some non Fords I've owned and I've had really good luck with those, especially if the rest of my cable was good. Another thought is when you clean your terminals and clamps is to be liberal with grease on the tops of terminals and clamps and give the bolts a good dose too.smiliegitrdone:)
Thanks for the advise. I've also heard some of the Auto Parts stores sell replacment bolts in the HELP section.
I'm now dealing with trying to get the super corroded hold down bolt that's broken off and won't come out.
Always looks to improve these items when possible. thanks again!!


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........ Maybe I’m not getting enough grease around the bolt to prevent the corrosion? Thanks for your help.

Suggestion: Use anti-corrosion felt discs rather than grease. They can be had for <$1 per set at Harbor Freight. I automatically replace mine once a year as part of routine PM, therefore when I'm at HF it's great to buy a couple of extras sets. This will also help take care of concerns with seized battery cable hex screws, of which and FWIW, mine are brass. Finally, from time to time, when I wash the vehicle one of the last things I *may* do a quick touch up wash on is the engine bay. In the course of doing so, the battery top gets washed or the remaining soapy water in the bucket get's dumped on it and anything else, then rinsed off. Food for thought.

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