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Anybody used the American Autowire harness kit

Wow is that expensive!! There was an NOS Ford wiring harness on eBay a few weeks back. I don't remember the application though.


The Token Canadian
Staff member
It does look more tailored than Painless.
Is Painless even tailored? Always thought they needed a lot of mod work.


The Token Canadian
Staff member
When I last looked at them, sort had to do a lot of the work yourself and the connectors were not OEM style.
There are so many variations that I think it would be damn near impossible (or very expensive) for a repro company to make perfect matches.


We will Rise Again
I used the Centech Harness which was very good. It came with Ford connectors and when ordering, you tell the guy (Jim) what your application is and He puts it together. WIth every repo harness you still have to make up connections and run individual wires, but having detailed diagrams and FORD connections is a plus.

I've heard good things about Ron Francis also. A good wire harness though can take a lot od headache out of the rewire process and also save a truck from burning up.


That's how we roll!
I used the Kwik Wire harness. The price is great but you have to splice all sorts of stuff in and the instructions suck, but I would use it again. You definitely need to know what you are doing as far as wiring goes though. The instructions do not tell you about the resistor wire for the icvr and I wound up ruining my sending unit. After a new sending unit and one of those icvrs off ebay I have a gas guage that is 1/2 tank off.