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Any short-cab, short-bed, 4x4 F150s here?


Post Whores Make Me Sick
Hey folks -- I'm trying to figure out why my truck has a 2-piece driveshaft WITH a slip-yoke transfer case... It seems weird for my driveshaft to have 2 slip yokes, especially because the carrier bearing is fixed to the chassis so the front yoke never really moves 🤔 Theory: this truck started as a single-cab short-bed before Centurion cut and stretched it to a crew-cab. I'm betting it had a single-piece driveshaft before it was stretched, which would have required a t-case with a slip-yoke, and when they stretched it they just reused the t-case and chose not to use an enormous 1-piece shaft.

I'm looking for someone who's got a 92-96 short cab, short bed, 4x4 -- can you post a picture of your driveline like the one of mine below?


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