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I had my alternator rebuilt twice by the shop I have used for over forty years. The first time it only lasted about a day and a half. They took it back and said it was a bad ------, I forget. Installed the rebuilt rebuilt and went for a spin today ebatttery light came on. So it is going back again on Monday. But I do have a question, can the two plug ins wire harnesses be plugged in backwards? I have to say that th struck is a '87 250 but I get better answers on this branch of th Eco rum. Thanks.


Staff member
Pretty sure unless it is broken, you can't plug in wrong. There is a snap latch that would be keeping it from turning around. However, they do have connection issues, sometimes so bad the plug melts down. A common upgrade (unfortunately now that you have spent all that on a rebuild) that changes the alternator from the alternator with the side plug (2G) to an alternator that is not susceptible to the plug melt down and is more like most every other alternator (3G) The problem with the 2G alternators is the plug is under heavy load and tends to melt down, sometimes even to the point of burning. The 3G alternator moves the load to a better connection (bolt) and thereby reducing resistance and heating.

Anyway, first thing to be certain is that the plug is getting good contact and not heating.

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