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99 Ranger wont shift

5 speed manual wont shift while running. I can put it in gear while its off. Also clutch fluid was low so I added some and now pedal is soft. Checked the slave to see if its engaging the clutch but its only got about a 1/4 inch of movement. So I'm thinking air in the line?
When I was checking the slave I noticed fresh clearish fluid in a very slow drip from the trans fluid pan and bell housing. Could this be brake fluid from the clutch assembly? Or trasn fluid?


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looks more hydraulic to me... but any moisture/condensation can combine with oil giving it the same appearance... the softness in the pedal is indicative of air in the line.. it could be the slaves leaking and how the air got into the system...

ive never been a fan of hydraulic driven clutches like that.. every one of them ive had, has been a problem child for me.... i prefer cable and linkage driven..
@Sparky83 Thanks for the reply. The hydraulic system in this truck uses DOT3 brake fluid and its almost clear thats why I was wondering if it could be leaking from somewhere in the clutch system. I think you're right about it being the slave on both accounts and thats what I was afraid of. I'm going to have to take a closer look at that cylinder. Thanks again.

I see you're in VA. I spent the past 15 years in Charlottesville. Gotta love Virginia.
use to live in Virginia... Now i live in NC... spent 29 years living in Virginia beach.. im glad to be out of hampton roads... much nicer here in the country side...


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Likely either seal or crack in the slave cylinder housing. Clear fluid from the bell housing is definitley a leak from that