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84 F350 6.9 clutch slave

Hello guys I am replacing the slave and master cylinder on my 6.9 and I am having a hard time getting all the air out!
My pedal has about 2-3 inchs of travel before it starts to engage and wont fully break away untill on the floor so thats why it must still have air!
any ideas? thanks pappywith4


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How are you bleeding it? Lots of ways to do it, some techniques work better than others. Having a 2nd person is usually helpful.
new stuff and I pre bled the slave in a can of fluid and put it in place with the plastic strip. Then I pre bled the master by filling the res.with fluid then pumping the rod in and out pushing the fluid back into the res.
connected the line to both and tried vacum pumping the master with up to 22 inches of vacum till it bled down, did that twice.
Still have 2-3 inches of travel before engaging the pump. Haven't tried to start it and shift but I can push the clutch in and shift engine off! Any help? thanks


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Make sure the pushrod on the pedal is set right. You should have an adjustable rod on that year. Also be sure your bushing isn't sloppy.