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78 Ford truck air conditioning Duct

Big Jim F150

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Hi, I'm looking for the flexible air conditioning duct for my 78 F-150 Ranger Lariat, the one I'm looking for is the flexible duct that goes to the center vents in the dash, it is a rectangular shaped thing, that goes up from the top of the air plenum box. The ford part number is as follows D3TZ18A568B. Any ideas where I might locate one like a used one in VERY GOOD usable condition, or an NOS piece preferably? Ben and Bill you guys might be able help me out on this one:flag: Thank you for your help, any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated:thanks::thanks::flag:


Tonto Papadapolous
Might come up empty on that one. I've been looking for the ducting that goes to the left of the gauge cluster for quite awhile, with no luck. I did find a couple junkyard ducts that were in worse shape than mine.

I hope you fare better than I did.


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outside your house
Only suggestion I'd have is to contact Green Sales...see if they have anything, or know of anyone that does. There's a or something like that, that shows obsolete parts availability. Been a while since I used it, so that might not be the exact name.


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Only suggestion I'd have is to contact Green Sales...see if they have anything, or know of anyone that does.
No Ford dealer or obsolete parts vendor has any and it's not reproduced. :(

There's websites: & that list obsolete parts availability.
D3TZ-19B680-B .. Center A/C Duct / Obsolete

1973/79 F100/350 & 1978/79 Bronco with factory installed integral A/C & Hi/Lo Comfort Vent System. = Just sign on and type the part number. = Registration is required, searching for parts is free.

When typing part numbers on websites, REMOVE the spaces or hyphens, type 'em like this: D3TZ19B680B
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These are the sites you are using to obtain part numbers?
These are two of the three sites I use to search for obsolete parts, after I look up the part numbers in Ford car/truck parts catalogs.