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77 460 Temp guage sending unit location


California Chapter member
It is on the back of the intake manifold behind the carb with one wire to it from the harness, yes?
My Ford shop manual only says "...mounted in the cylinder head or in the manifold,...."


Tonto Papadapolous
I'm thinkin' you're thinkin' about the oil pressure gauge indicator? I think the temperature sending unit is up front somewhere. Both have one wire. Not that familiar with the 460.....


The Token Canadian
Staff member
smilieIagree smiliewhathesaid If my memory serves me right, temp is at the front, oil sender at rear by firewall.
yeah i just replaced my temp and oil pressure guages with mechanical ones the oil pressure is on the back looks like a breather with a wire coming off of it and the temp sensor is on the front right side of the intake


California Chapter member
Thanks again, stopped raining for a few minutes and I found it right there between the distributor and the coil mounting bracket.

Now another question. The Ford shop manual says to drain the radiator to change the sending unit. Do you really have to do that when it is cold and not pressurized? I mean since it's on the top of the engine basic gravity should keep the radiator fluid inside the manifold shouldn't it? I just hate the thought of going to all the trouble of draining if I don't have to. This of course is if the guage proves to be working and I isolate the problem to be the sending unit..
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California Chapter member
Ahhhh, I see! The radiator is higher than the manifold! Duh!!!!!!

Thanks guys! I'll just be ready to change is quick with my finger in the hole!
That is, if it ever clears up! The rain has turned to snow and now poor Burt has 3" of snow on him...

I'll report when I get this done, thanks again!
While we're on sending units and gauge questions, I've never hooked up my ammeter in any truck I've had....kinda wanna do that now that I've got a redtop optima. Any EZ mode instructions? I know it's a noob question but I suck at electrical shiz...