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6.7 questions answered


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1) What is the "IQA" number on the injectors?..... Injector quantity adjustment. Whenever an injector is replaced, or to make corrections to the existing injector IQA data stored in the pcm, this number has to be programmed into the pcm for a particular cylinder. 2) What symptoms may occur if the code is not programmed in to the pcm?......Rough running or poor idle quality, and possibly no symptoms at all (depends if the flow rate is relatively close in the new injector compared to the old one). 3) Any other issues if not done right?......PCM can limit the vehicle to 55 mph and derate power by 30%. 4) is there an inertia switch as in older models?...... Yes, its in the side panel of the dash on the passenger side. 5) Just push the button on the switch and it'll reset and start, right?.........NO, theres a message on the instrument cluster that must be reset, and the key must be cycled off, then on before it'll start. 6) is there any difference in the egr cooler?...... Yes, if theres a failure, complete replacement is not necessary, it has a replacement cartridge. There is also 2 egr cooler "passages".
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B/c as a general rule most truck don't stay "stock" for long.. people are always looking for more power.....

**I wont ever have one, just curious.. (I still don't care for EFI of any type) Yeah' I know about all the advantages of it; but its the same reason I don't ride horse's... it's got a mind of it's own.


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Ok here are a couple of question.

1) WHY is there no oil pressure guage in the truck?

2) Can the oil pressure be displayed in the message center on the dashboard, or is there a software update for the truck so I can DISPLAY the oil pressure?

3) How can I keep the current gear display (for lack of a better term) on the right side of the message center at all times

4) WHO was the madman who decided it would be a good idea to put a PLASTIC BOTTOM on the 6.7's oilpan, and does Ford make a metal replacement, or is there an aftermarket metal alternative.

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