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302 to 351C swap


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Would there be any thing special need to do this swap? besides engine mounts, would it be pretty much a direct swap over or would I need to get a bigger/ smaller brake booster?

Any input would be great, thanks.
Oh I should add that the engine comes with a C6 tranny..
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Most things look good,tranny, flywheel,booster should be fine. I wonder about the radiator hose lengths, coil wire,kickdown lever,carb cable,etc. the cleveland was a bigger block, also a new radiator might be in your future,but not sure.ever think about building a Boss 302? now would be the time,if you've got the cleveland heads your half way there.


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motor mount are the same,so is the throttle linkage. i did the same swap 20 years ago in a 71 i had back then,just tryin to remember other things. id leave the c-4 you know that works! the flexplate starter will bolt to the clever. try to get all the brackets also with the motor. just make shure its a clevlend. ive seem it time and time again where folks will think a 351m is a c. the block has a 302 bell pattern and will have a D3 or older casting #
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