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302 motor mount on 1951 frame


Flatheads Forever
Sorry for the internet is down at home so I'm not on here much at present.

There are lots of shops online that make engine mounts/adapters/crossmembers for this swap.

The simplest involve an adjustable tube that goes from frame rail to rail and has the mounts welded in place for a 302 in an F1.

Online search should show up several.


third member
Speedway Motors is one link to search
got 1983 mustang 302. so what am I doing with motor mounts. pICS WOULD BE HUDE AT THIS POINT!!!!

It would be good to know what front suspension you're running? Stock? M2? Something else??? Frame mounts are pretty basic to build yourself to utilize whichever insulator you're going to use.
well honestly hadn't even thought about the suspension left. As I am sure you can tell half the fun for me and my kids are researching all the info, looking at options and deciding which way to go.

That being said I was hoping to soften up the suspension for a more comfortable ride but haven't even started to look at options.
Mt original goal was to use the front motor mounts on the frame. Is there any application for a 302 that uses the original front motor mounts on the frame?
The previous engine had a bracket that connect to the front of the block and then sat on top of the frame motor mounts.



Flatheads Forever
Anything is possible. A 302 is roughly the same size as the original flathead V8, but the flathead sat on feet cast into the front-mounted waterpumps. The std 302 uses center-block attachments......

You could custom make mounts that would reach the diagonal crossmember as long as it cleared your accessories. I don't know of any commercially available.


Staff member
Here is what I used but I don't know how they will work in the long run over time.
Bought them from one of the racing catalogues and they are welded in.
302 in F-1

Better watch out for the front or rear sump pan if you go with a IFS.

I had to change to a rear sump & pump oil pan on my 302 because I would have had to set the engine way high to change the oil on a front sump.

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