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2019 3.3l

hey folks been while, jus checkin' n lookin around for info...
finally got rid of my two old pickups and got one new one, 2019 F150 XL 4x4 with the non turbo 3.3L V-6. only a hair over 1k miles so breakin it in slo like, but thinkin about her first oil change, I watched some youtube but they showed 2018's which looked slightly different, different coolant color, whatever. but a lot of talk about this drain plug cap... I couldn't even locate mine after struggling to get this splash cover thing off, sorry no pics. mostly wanted to rant n post up a new thread, thanks, will keep lookin around, does anyone know if I can find some kind of tech manual from ford? I jus wanna do oil changes and whatnot, always had a Chilton with my old trucks, lol.
bump ;)

plan b is go by the dealer later this week or next n see if they can point out the drain plug...


sawmill slave
What?? Lol. You ain`t supposed to do you`re own work on these, you`re supposed to pay the dealer. Sorry dude, nothing to help, just poking some fun. Good luck.
thanks lol
I stopped n talked to the service coordinator guy
he said I should have a free first change comin...
there's some app thing I gotta finger out.
sun shines brighter on Ford


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howdy folks been awhile!!! 😂 i’m still alive n so is my baby n truck lol
9144 mi update: these IWE’s are junk
wth 🤦🏻‍♂️ four times at the dealer las month
not fixed, if u kno u kno,
callin dealer tomorro…
i like this truck, but i didnt spend $40k
to hangin out in the service dept. waitin room 🤬
end rant, for meow 😌

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