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2015 Bronco

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The stupid part is that unless Ford reworked it from the '04 concept the running gear underneath is from the Escape! Leaving it uniquely INCAPABLE compared to what we all know the Bronco to be. In short... What good is a 4.5L diesel if the axles will twist and under the torque and the suspension will splinter under any terrain more challenging than a wet soccer field?
my $.2
I bet between 30 and 40 k which makes it too rich for my blood.
and the 4.5L powerstroke? really? :suspicious:
just saw the last paragraph, probably offer a 2wd version for $26k, lol.
I've said it before (even wrote letters, and the Aussies replied with a thankyou!),
build some these for the States:

I couldn't agree more - that 5 cyl diesel powerplant is super impressive and i really don't understand why you guys haven't got them here already ..... they make them in lhd .
Be a much better option for a chassis and powerplant
Ford's too busy hyping up the Aluminum F150 over here.
Good chance I'll be in the market for a new Subaru before too long...