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2014 F250 won’t turn over

Last week truck wouldn’t turn over. Thinking battery issues, I attempted to jump off to no avail. Next day I put charger on it all day and still nothing. As I turned the ignition, one last time, I also hit the gear shift and it immediately fired off and started. Since then, twice, out of a dozen starts, I’ve had to jiggle the gear shift to get it to start. Today, after pulling it down to my shop to unload, nothing. I can’t get it to turn over. I’ve moved gear shift in and out multiple times. Any suggestions? Crawled underneath to try and jump solenoid, with ignition on, and noticed a buzzing sound coming from underneath the engine area…I’ve attached the download I got from Forscan if that will help decipher what’s going on




Staff member
The symptoms indicate a bad neutral safety switch. You should also be able to put it in nuetral and try starting it then.
That was my original thought, even bought one, then discovered it was “internal” to the transmission, which I wish to avoid. That being said, I tried directly jumping the starter through the relays, to no avail. Starter issue, correct? Well, when I replaced the relays, it fired right up 🤷🏻‍♂️

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